Clinical Trials Summary

As of November 2017

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American Journal of Critical Care: Specialty Linens and Pressure Injuries in High-Risk Patients in the Intensive Care Unit

Freeman R, Smith A, Dickinson S, Tschannen D, James S, Friedman C. American Journal of Critical Care. 2017; 26: 474-481.

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Ostomy Wound Management: A Retrospective, Nonrandomized, Before-and-After Study of the Effect of Linens Constructed of Synthetic Silk-like Fabric on Pressure Ulcer Incidence

Smith A, McNichol LL, Amos MA, Mueller G, Griffin T, Davis J; McPhail L, Montgomery TG. J Ostomy Wound Management 2013;59(4):28-33.

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Ostomy Wound Management: A Randomized, Controlled Study to Assess the Effect of Silk-like Textiles and High-absorbency Adult Incontinence Briefs on Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Twersky J, Montgomery T, Sloane R, Weiner M, Doyle S, Mathur K, Francis M, Schmader K. J Ostomy Wound Management 2012;58(12):18–24.

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Ostomy Wound Management: Prospective, Nonrandomized Controlled Trials to Compare the Effect of a Silk-Like Fabric to Standard Hospital Linens on the Rate of Hospital-acquired Pressure Ulcers

Coladonato J, Smith A, Watson N, Brown AT, McNichol LL, Clegg A, McPhail L, Griffin T, Montgomery TG. J Ostomy Wound Management 2012; 58(10):14-31.

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