DermaTherapy® Underpads

DermaTherapy® underpad


The top surface of DermaTherapy® underpads is the same material used in DermaTherapy® silk-like bedding.

Since the underpad is in direct contact with the patient, the same microclimate control of moisture, friction and shear is present to minimize skin breakdown.

Available in standard and bariatric sizes, DermaTherapy® underpads' smooth surface also improves ease of patient movement and repositioning.

DermaTherapy® fitted sheet

DermaTherapy® fitted sheet

Fitted Sheet

DermaTherapy® controls the microclimate—moisture, friction and shear—between the patient's skin and support surface. Its moisture-wicking properties keep the patient drier and cooler.

DermaTherapy® is woven with continuous filament yarns that are free of short, protruding fibers or pills that can create friction and cause irritation. The result is a silk-like sleep surface that is non-irritating and less traumatic to the patient's skin.

DermaTherapy® fitted sheets incorporate a durable antimicrobial that inhibits the survival of bacteria on the bedding. The bedding does not generate airborne particles such as lint, significantly reducing potential for bioburden and cross-contamination.

The industry’s first and only FDA cleared, evidence-based therapeutic silk-like sheet and underpad proven to prevent pressure injuries.


DermaTherapy® fabrics are engineered to reduce shear and friction on the patient’s skin by eliminating the protruding short fibers found in cotton bedding.

DermaTherapy® Magnified


Cotton Fibers Magnified

Cotton Fibers


The continuous filament yarns contain micro-channels that wick moisture away from the skin 47% faster.
DermaTherapy®'s uniquely engineered fibers have micro channels that wick and dry moisture faster than cotton.

Wicking Comparison

Wicking Graph

Drying Comparison

Number of Airborne Particles

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Tests conducted at an independent lab indicate that the DermaTherapy® underpad stays cooler and
releases heat better than disposable underpads.

A 1° Celsius reduction in skin temperature results in a 10-15% drop in metabolic demand.

When cutaneous heat build-up occurs with external loading, tissue loading impedes the delivery of
blood and nutrients at a time when the need for both is heightened.

Average Temperature

Wicking Graph


A durable antimicrobial treatment helps maintain freshness and eliminates odors on the fabric caused by
germs and bacteria. The soil-release finish aids in the release of stains. DermaTherapy® reduces particle
counts by 97% over cotton bedding.

DermaTherapy® fabrics do not generate airborne particles such as lint and significantly reduce bioburden
on bedding and gowns.

Number of Airborne Particles

Number of Airborne Particles

Data on file

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