Your top strategic priority is managing the cost of patient care.

Yet you are at the center of a changing healthcare environment.

Dwindling reimbursements have become your
number one financial challenge.


Preventing Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers

Costs to treat hospital-acquired pressure ulcers are approaching $11 billion annually. It's a non-reimbursable condition that can cost between $500 and $70,000 per individual injury—a substantial financial burden on organizations.

Bottom line: preventing a pressure ulcer is less costly than treating it.

DermaTherapy® was engineered to prevent pressure ulcers and promote healing. It is FDA cleared* to help reduce the likelihood of patients developing pressure ulcers by reducing moisture, friction and shear on the patient’s skin.

Reducing Rising Healthcare Costs Through Innovation

Innovative solutions are sometimes seen as drivers of increased healthcare costs if they fail to deliver positive outcomes.

DermaTherapy® therapeutic linen is an FDA cleared, evidence-based** solution that is proven to deliver positive outcomes.

Providing Innovative, Unparalleled Solutions

Your organization has worked hard to develop a record of excellence. You're well regarded for delivering quality care and clinical innovation.

Building a better healing environment is top of mind.

By changing how you confront the prevention of pressure ulcers, you maintain your edge in providing innovative, quality care.